Why Choose Us

  • Trukor is a live platform where transporters can see your inquiries instantly for instant quotes that are available at most rational rates.
  • Our Mission: To optimize supply chain on technology in order to improve your bottom line.
  • Our commitment towards providing an effective platform for transportation services is unwavering. We have moved over 2000 Tons of cargo since our inception in 2018 which includes inland shipments on all the 3 modes – Road, Rail and Air.
  • We do not commit any service unless we have the right network of transporters and warehouses for the given routes.
  • We offer most advanced freight management by offering 3 times more trucks than any other logistics platform.
  • We are intensely aware that our customers are the purpose of our business without whom we seize to exist.
  • All transporters on our network are honest, no-nonsense and have a proven track record to honor your orders with assurance.
  • We welcome your feedback and act appropriately over it and are always looking to improve upon every aspect of our business to offer you world class supply chain platform driven on cutting-edge technology.