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Trukor carries a wide range of new tyres from the biggest brands in the industry. The range offered in our online store caters to different budgets covering all commercial vehicles.

You can call us before placing an order to avail expert product recommendations on new tyres. Feel free to talk to us with regards to the affordability and longevity of specific tyres that may suit your specific requirements.

With over 5000 different tyres to choose from, we have you covered for your entire fleet of commercial vehicles.

What are retreaded tyres?

Skillful driving habits and proper maintenance of tyres can prolong their life for added mileage. The wear-and-tear however is rapid in commercial vehicles and eventually catches up sooner that other categories rendering them unfit for use. Thus, the truck owners are forced to change tyres at regular intervals and have an option to buy Retreaded tyres or New tyres. Retreading of their existing tyres too is a good option if the tyres have enough rubber on them, while both are an efficient way of saving money.

The used casing of the tyre with good structural quality and some amount of rubber on it is given a renewed tread and sidewall rubber. This refurbished tyre is then put through a curing process at high temperatures giving you a new tyre with a new tread pattern as a result of the process.

Are they safe?

Detractors have raised concerns about the quality of retreaded tyres. The mere argument is related towards the history of the tyre which is presumably unknown giving rise to doubts about their structural strength compared to a new tyre. Nevertheless, your choice of reputed retread brand and manufacturer can ensure your next retreaded tyre is made according to strict safety standards.

The research and development in the tyre manufacturing industry over the years has also ensured the tyre casings are stronger and durable with superior quality of rubber compounds in use. This feature makes the retreading much better, durable and safe to drive on.

Benefits of retreaded tyres on Trukor

Makers of retreaded tyres on our platform are chosen through a stringent process that includes their minimum experience of 10 years in operations. Their retreading process is subject to the similar safety process that new tyres undergo. All retreading units on our platform specialize on specialized commercial vehicles like heavy duty trucks, construction vehicles, trailers and buses.

We offer you expert guidance on the tyre usage and help you retread a single tyre up to 10 times, dramatically extending the life while saving you substantial money. Whether you are a single truck owner or a fleet owner, our pricing model is built to suit your type and size saving you with enough money to divert for other purposes. However, savings can be enormous for transport companies with large fleet of commercial vehicles.

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