Why choose Trukor for your shipments instead of Transporter and Broker

You often struggle to decide considering shipping services between a transporter and a broker. Both offer similar services to ship your consignment from one destination to the other. Does that mean they are one and the same? May not be the same given their major difference over asset ownership.

transportation services

Transporter and Broker have different duties in providing transportation services from one destination to the other. Transporters, be it a single truck owner or a transport company, provide you with full cargo service that includes warehousing. We have in fact come across situations on our platform where the trucks are doubling up as mobile warehouses to help the clients rationalize on their inventory.

On the other hand, a broker would arrange for your shipment through the transporter. He works on behalf of the truck owner to help you ship your consignment. The major difference between them is the statutory responsibility they take for the cargo. A broker is not statutorily responsible for any damage or loss of your consignment since they do not issue the Lorry Receipt or any other document related to the consignment. You may find a few brokers that issue such documents who need to be termed as freight forwarder than a broker.

When to choose between them

Knowing the difference well, you should also have the required knowledge to choose between the two at different occasions. A transporter is a great source for a full truck load consignment. But things might get complicated for you when you have part-loads to ship. The transporter may not be able to book your order unless he specializes on part-load cargo. If at all they consider you part-load, they might be a tad expensive with an equally unfamiliar delivery schedule.

A broker on the other hand may be the best use case for part-loads. The reason behind this benefit is their agreement with multiple transporters and can pair your small consignment with other customers in any of the trucks operating in that sector. This might also save you substantial money to ship your small load.

Why choose Trukor over Transporter or Broker

A transporter gives you a single rate quote. Likewise you should approach multiple transporters to get different quotes for comparison. A broker on the other hand operates on a specific sector and controls the market rates and gives you a quote that you may not be able to compare since they have a control over the rates for the sector they specialize.

At Trukor we combine the capabilities of both the Transporter and the Broker in an online platform where you can derive the benefit of both options. You find all transporters and brokers listed on our platform and get quotes immediately upon requesting for the quote online.

One you create an inquiry, our system automatically detects the type of load – Part or Full and forwards the quotes automatically to the concerned transporter or the broker. This facility allows you multiple options in hand to choose your preferred option upon price comparison on the spot saving you hours and sometimes even days to obtain the right quote for your shipment. Our pricing algorithm too helps you to get the near accurate rates for your consignment across sectors.

Trukor enables rapid deployment of technology for eDocuments that eliminates human intervention to avoid any physical contact which is need of the hour during the COVID-19 pandemic. Trukor enables most advanced freight management:

  • 3 times more trucks than any other logistics platform
  • Live platform: Transport companies and brokers can see your consignment live
  • Automatically returns you the matching loads – part and full truck loads
  • Most accurate freight rates at your disposal on our proprietary pricing algorithm
  • Verify operators – Get access to the transporter’s specialized KYC
  • Get the benefit of eSignature

What do you gain from using our platform

You have access to the live platform where you find both transporters and brokers providing you with live pricing that saves a lot of your time. You get instant pricing for single sector, multiple sectors and can also negotiate contract pricing with the operators.

We endure lot of pains to ensure our customers shipping needs are met according the pricing and schedule they desire. There are chances when we are not equipped with spot rates for a particular sector. We take arduous steps to ensure the rates are available in a very short time so as to give our customers the comfort of ample time to take a decision.

Trukor is not just software to attract both Enterprise and Transporters, we are a dedicated team to ensure both get the best out of our platform to sustain a lengthy partnership. You also gain from the ease of use, our pricing algorithm and the vast trucking knowledge that we bring to the industry through our platform.