Route optimization from Trukor to plan multiple deliveries

Route optimization from Trukor to plan multiple deliveries

Planning efficient delivery routes for your drivers is critical in your business strategy if you have multiple deliveries to make in your business. Since cost the pivoting factor to sustain or perish for any business, a highly optimized delivery route can give the logistics services companies significant savings in terms of time and fuel, thus saving you man hours and cash.

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You would ideally be interested in Google maps to guide you through the shortest path between destinations A to B in any part of the world providing you with the best route optimization between 2 destinations and is available for free. It basically helps you in the following ways:

  • It instantly geocodes the 2 different locations you feed
  • It has also built the capabilities to geocode multiple destinations which however remain A to B
  • It identifies all possible routes for this destination
  • The segments are further divided to identify the shortest distance, least traffic conditions and avoids roads that undergo repair work
  • Identifying all possible routes instantly, it returns you with the best route to cover this distance with 2 other alternatives

You can trust on Google maps to only give you the most relevant route, but mostly accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA) too by calculating your average speed and predicting route conditions. But does it optimize the route for you with multiple destinations? While you can surely feed multiple destinations at one go from start to end, it will however return you with A to B optimization between the multiple routes. It does not give you the optimal order for those multiple destinations fed from start to end. It is the route optimization software gives you an optimal order for deliveries in multiple stops that make it distinct from Google maps.

Route Optimization is basically optimizing the best order for multiple stops by using algorithms to identify the shortest possible distance within the set of stops to optimize the entire route to save total time and distance. It is just not possible to calculate multiple routes due to humungous amount of math involved. For example, 1 delivery truck needs to fulfill 60 deliveries in a day within the city limits, manual calculation to optimize gets difficult. Imagine you have multiple trucks delivering on multiple routes each day. Google maps don’t solve this problem and is only a mapping service and not an optimization tool.

  1. The first step to plan your delivery route is to create a map with all the stops. You should note it on paper when doing it manually for making it easy for the driver to visualize the schedule and determine the best route after grouping together a few stops within the vicinity. You may also need to consider the timing of deliveries your customers prefer, hence optimizing your route according to the timing.


  1. As a second step you must optimize the order for multiple stops. You should develop the right sequence to cut down the overall driving distance thus reducing the total man hours. Route optimization software is the ideal tool to effectively reduce the travel distance by optimizing the sequence of stops since planning multiple stops manually is a time-consuming affair.



  1. As mentioned earlier, your case will get more complicated if you have multiple trucks delivering at multiple stops. This warrants you to create optimal routes for multiple trucks which get complex for the follow reasons:
  • Providing same cluster of addresses to different trucks
  • The driver shift time collides with the customers’ preferable time
  • The truck capacity for selected deliveries

This makes more vivid that it is quite impossible to optimize routes manually despite taking help from Google Maps. It may not help you to solve Vehicle Routing Problem due to its constraints to provide optimization only between destinations A to B.

  1. There are other factors too that dominate multiple deliveries than route optimization related to fleet management and operations which is usually provided by a single software to manage the following:
  • Real time updates: Tracking trucks location real-time to identify if they are maintaining the optimized routes to ensure the ETA communicated accordingly to the customers. This also gives information if there is any deviation due to break-downs or any other problem which can be proactively communicated to the customer
  • Delivery status updates: Customers’ expectations today have grown enormously ever since Ola, Flipkart and others have brought emerging technologies to update deliveries and arrivals. Updates are synced to SMS and eMails making coordination easy between the driver and the customer.
  • Delivery proof: The tool is complete with eSign module to capture the signature instantly as a proof of delivery. Apart from providing the legal aspect to the confirmed delivery, the customers can also identify the person and time of delivery as proofs.


  1. You must consider all customers’ needs to propose a route plan since the customers may have very different schedules and needs to plan a delivery route that optimizes the drivers’ effort coinciding with customers’ schedules. You may have mix and match of deliveries that might also contain perishables which are supposed to be urgent. Your route optimization must also consider prioritizing such urgent deliveries over others. Other factors to consider when optimizing a route plan are:
  • The consignment volume that has to be delivered
  • The service levels of deliveries like in-hand delivery or door step delivery
  • The receiving location of deliveries

Route optimization is especially important due to the immense competition in market place between numerous logistics players and transporters in Bangalore. Since the delivery costs are climbing by the day, most customers to not opt for door delivery. Yet, the delivery company must attain revenues that do not exceed their cost. This aspect is the primary reason for companies to adopt route optimization software for lowering operational costs. Route optimization by Trukor operates as efficiently as possible to lower your delivery costs and increase your cash flow.