6 benefits of booking trucks online on Trukor

6 benefits of booking trucks online on Trukor

Every truck owner or fleet owner’s objective is to get more truck bookings to avoid idling and make profit. While most truckers rely on their regular customers and a few are contracted with large companies, the spare capacity trucks that amount to around 70% in India rely on references, phone calls or business by chance. They however remain without revenue for most of the days.

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This situation calls for an online truck booking platform that can offer many advantages to the truckers, the reason it is slowly getting popular among the transporters in India. These are typically the pain points to consider for goods transportation that the consignors currently face:

  • Unavailability of trucks on demand
  • Unavailability of the right sized vehicles
  • Unavailability of accurate rates

Unlike conventional booking of trucks which is more chaotic than organized, more time-consuming than efficient, online truck booking platforms have emerged like a blessing in disguise to make it a faster and seamless process. India is definitely moving deeply towards digital era where trucking platforms like ours are adopting emerging technologies to make trucking quick, secure and safe. Mentioned below are some of the features of online truck booking that are benefitting the users:

  1. It works 24/7: Online truck booking system works 24/7 to give the required freedom to the potential customers to book truck any time. It also maximizes your number of shipments since you are not restricted to the limited hours of conventional booking at the truckers’ office. Studies have also suggested online truck ordering has improved the productivity and sales of a most manufacturers and traders who have made online truck booking as their standard operating process.


  1. Competitive rates: Competitive pricing is perhaps the most important benefit that the users derive over online truck booking. For full truck loads, our platform works on reverse bidding for a particular weight and route providing our users the opportunity to choose from the best bid and transport company. We have built a proprietary pricing algorithm for part-load consignments on volume and distance that provides complete transparency to our users.  Our android application for mobile phones gives access to the transporters to receive and respond to the inquiries with competitive bids.


  1. Hassle-free management: Apart from its efficiency, truck booking on our platform provides you with seamless documentation to make it hassle-fee. You won’t be tied over the phone or wait for the trucking representative to deliver LR and other documents before accepting the order. The entire process of documentation is online on cloud architecture to make it seamless for you – inquiry, bid, quote, LR, eWaybill, Invoice. This has eliminated the need to physically deliver the documents to save time and cost. Moreover, this feature is appropriate for the current climate of social distancing due to corona virus pandemic.


  1. Eliminates mediators: Online truck booking platforms are connected directly with truck owners, fleet owners, transporters and dedicated brokers that eliminates the chances of dealing with mediators who might turn fraud if not dealt by proper research. Technology also facilitates automation on order booking and pickup by providing automatic notifications at all steps of order fulfillment which reduces the effort you put in otherwise on conventional trucking.


  1. Real time tracking: Real time updates is a challenging proposition to offer for the truckers who do not adopt technology or do not partner with trucking platforms on technology. It also gets difficult for shippers to connect with the truckers who provide real time updates of consignment. In contrast, the online truck booking platforms offer comprehensive services on technology which features the real time tracking of the consignment through GPS enabled system to monitor the truck movement.


  1. Provides smarter insights to your business: Conventional truck booking comes with manual documentation process for Quotes/LR/e-way bill/invoice resulting in high cost associated with the processing with no access to related data for the purpose of driving meaningful metrics for forecasting. Our system enables rapid deployment of technology for eDocumentation where the course of information is visible during the entire supply chain providing predictive metrics on inventory and cost analysis.


Online truck booking system on Trukor is designed to provide comprehensive features of supply chain. It is very easy to access and users can book a truck any time and any volume for all routes that are currently activated on the system. Enterprises can avail efficient logistics services that are hassle-free. It is developed on cloud architecture that integrates demand and supply online with an effective engagement system between the user and the trucker.